47 | Crisis, What Crisis?

The PM lurches from crisis to crisis, but her government looks more secure than it did a week ago.  What gives?  We try to make sense of where British politics now stands, after the terrible Grenfell tower fire, further terrorist attacks, and the start of the Brexit negotiations.  We also ask why there is such a disconnect between political turmoil and serenity in the financial markets: why aren't they more spooked?  Plus we talk with John Naughton about the role of social media in Corbyn's unexpected success.  With Helen Thompson and Chris Brooke.

46 | Turning Left

Less than a week on from the election result almost no one saw coming, we take stock.  What does Labour's unexpected success mean for the prospect of other parties of the left?  Can they learn from Corbyn or is British politics now following its own path?  Plus we discuss the rise and rise of Macron in France.  Will his new version of technocracy square the circle of elites doing democratic politics?  With a full house of Helen Thompson, Chris Brooke, Chris Bickerton and our very own Macroniste, Hugo Drochon.

*This episode was recorded shortly before Tim Farron resigned as leader of the Lib Dems

45 | Another Shock!

We reconvene on little sleep to pick over the bones of another extraordinary election.  Where did it go wrong for Mrs May?  How did Labour win back UKIP supporters?  How will anyone meet the expectations of all the young people who came out to vote?  We recorded shortly before the Conservatives announced their intention to govern with 'friends in the DUP'.  We ask how long any arrangement can last.  With Helen Thompson, Finbarr Livesey and Glen Rangwala.

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44 | Decision Day

After a tumultuous campaign decision day is finally here: we explore what could happen next.  We talk through the different scenarios suggested by the chaotic polling, from a hung parliament to a Tory landslide, and ask what each one would mean for British politics.  We also talk about what's surprised us most over the last six weeks. What happened to the Lib Dems?  When did Mrs May lose her nerve?  Where is the economy?  Then we'll reconvene for another episode when it's done to find out what really went down: stay tuned.  With Helen Thompson, Finbarr Livesey and Chris Brooke.

43 | The Corbyn Surge?

With a week to go, and the polls tightening, we ask what Corbyn is doing right and what May is doing wrong.  Is Corbyn riding a wave like the one that got Bernie Sanders close to the White House?  Or are May's troubles more about Tory weaknesses?  Plus we discuss the missing international dimension to the campaign.  After Merkel declared that Europe could no longer rely on a Trump-led United States, why is our Brexit election still so focussed on domestic issues?  With Aaron Rapport, Maha Rafi Atal and Chris Bickerton.

42 | Tim O'Reilly and the WTF Economy

We speak to Silicon Valley publisher, entrepreneur and guru Tim O'Reilly about what technology means for the future of politics and society.  A short conversation about the biggest questions: How do we get from a world of jobs to a world of meaningful work?  How can politics keep up with technological innovation?  How can we re-set our basic social arrangements without a war?  Recorded at the Computer Labs in Cambridge.