187 | He's Still There (Just)

David and Helen try to make sense of where we've got to, though things are moving fast (*episode recorded before the Scottish court judgment*). Can parliament force Johnson's hand in the Brexit negotiations if he is still PM? Will Labour hold together now that it's become a second referendum party? Could the revocation of article 50 become a real prospect? Next week, on to the Supreme Court. We also pay tribute to our dear friend and colleague Finbarr Livesey, who very sadly died last week.

35 | Scotland and the Union

This week we focus on what the general election in Scotland might mean for the rest of the UK.  Does a Tory revival in Scotland spell the end of Indyref 2?  Does Labour's collapse chime with what's going on in the rest of Europe?  Plus we explore whether a thumping majority for Mrs May would strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations.  In the first in a series of historical comparisons, we also ask whether this election has echoes of what happened when Ted Heath called a snap poll in 1974.  Is Tony Blair now the Enoch Powell of British politics?  You heard it here first.

25 | Dani Rodrik

We're joined by one of the world's leading economists Dani Rodrik to talk about globalisation, Trump and Brexit. Who are the real winners and losers from the integration of the global economy? What chance has Trump got of making good on his economic promises? How much are economists to blame for the mess we're in? Dani talks with David, Helen Thompson and Finbarr Livesey about the dangers of circling the wagons and the tough choices we all have to face.