76 | Reformation Then and Now

Before we get stuck into 2018, we go back to the sixteenth century to explore another technology revolution that overthrew the established order.  John Naughton recently published his 95 theses for the digital age and we talk to John about the theology of technopoly and the Church of Facebook.  Plus we're joined by Helen to discuss the parallels between the current revolt against the elites and what happened five hundred years ago.  From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: where does this story end?

61 | Live Special

This week's episode is a recording of a live Talking Politics event as part of the Cambridge Alumni Festival, with questions from the audience.  We talk about normalising Trump, neglecting Turkey and kicking Brexit down the road.  Plus we ask what counts as a coup and whatever happened to cabinet government.  With Gary Gerstle, Ayse Zarakol, Aaron Rapport and Chris Brooke.  Recorded on Saturday 23rd September.

60 | The Mystery of Germany

 We talk with historian Chris Clark and Helen Thompson about whether German politics is as stable as it seems.  With the federal election coming up in a few days, and Angela Merkel seemingly on course for another comfortable victory, we ask what could happen next.  Why would a Jamaican coalition be bad for France?  What's going on in Bavaria?  And is East vs West still the central division in German politics?  Plus we catch up with the other general election taking place this weekend - in New Zealand.

58 | Trump and Religion

We're joined this week by historian Andrew Preston to talk about how Trump fits into America's religious traditions - and how he doesn't.  Why is his support so strong among evangelicals?  What makes his foreign policy different from American crusades in the past?  Can Trump be saved?  Plus we catch up with the latest news from Korea - not good.  With Aaron Rapport.

56 | Macron and History

Two of Britain's leading historians of France, Robert Tombs and John Keiger, discuss the wider significance of Macron's presidency.  What does it mean for the French state?  What does it mean for the future of Europe?  And what are the French really thinking about Brexit? As the new film about Dunkirk does the rounds on both sides of the Channel, can Britain be accused of abandoning France to its fate all over again?