45 | Another Shock!

We reconvene on little sleep to pick over the bones of another extraordinary election.  Where did it go wrong for Mrs May?  How did Labour win back UKIP supporters?  How will anyone meet the expectations of all the young people who came out to vote?  We recorded shortly before the Conservatives announced their intention to govern with 'friends in the DUP'.  We ask how long any arrangement can last.  With Helen Thompson, Finbarr Livesey and Glen Rangwala.

43 | The Corbyn Surge?

With a week to go, and the polls tightening, we ask what Corbyn is doing right and what May is doing wrong.  Is Corbyn riding a wave like the one that got Bernie Sanders close to the White House?  Or are May's troubles more about Tory weaknesses?  Plus we discuss the missing international dimension to the campaign.  After Merkel declared that Europe could no longer rely on a Trump-led United States, why is our Brexit election still so focussed on domestic issues?  With Aaron Rapport, Maha Rafi Atal and Chris Bickerton.