80 | The Fundamentals

 With stock markets swooning and financial volatility back, we talk about the deeper trends underpinning our politics and our future.  Why have British governments never managed to fix the housing crisis?  What does the state of the American economy mean for Trump's long-term prospects?  And will a period of economic growth make our politics more stable, or are the wild times set to continue?  These are the fundamentals.  With Helen, Chris Brooke and Aaron.

47 | Crisis, What Crisis?

The PM lurches from crisis to crisis, but her government looks more secure than it did a week ago.  What gives?  We try to make sense of where British politics now stands, after the terrible Grenfell tower fire, further terrorist attacks, and the start of the Brexit negotiations.  We also ask why there is such a disconnect between political turmoil and serenity in the financial markets: why aren't they more spooked?  Plus we talk with John Naughton about the role of social media in Corbyn's unexpected success.  With Helen Thompson and Chris Brooke.